House rules

Commandements du Courage

We offer cyclosportive challenges, no races. So don't go rushing, undergo dangerous overtaking actions and respect your fellow road users.
Wearing a bike helmet is mandatory.
Make sure your bike is in order. So check your tire pressure, brakes, chain, etc. Take at least one spare inner tube with you at all times.
Earplugs / headphones are forbidden. This also applies to talking on the phone during a ride.
Warn each other in both word and sign, whether it is a change of direction in the route, traffic or a sudden manoeuvre (like braking).
Ride slowly in urban areas (max. 30 km/h).
Follow the traffic rules. So do not ride on the wrong side of the road, ride on the main lane when there is a cycling lane available or take priority instead of giving it.
Be merciful, towards your fellow-Coureurs as well as other road users. Is one of the participants having a hard time? Try keeping him/her sheltered from the wind and slow your pace. Do you see someone standing with a puncture? Ask him/her how they are doing and if you can help.
In flat stages or rides we apply the out together/ home together principal. This means we will always wait for each other or make agreements of how and where we will wait.
Dependent on time, place, season, surroundings or circumstances – make sure that you have reflecting clothing and lighting on your bike. Whether this is necessary will always be communicated (well) before a ride or trip.

Category system

Catégories du Courage

Comparable to the qualification of mountain passes in the Tour de France, we use the Catégories du Courage to give participants a good indication of the challenge they are signing up for.

Hors Catégorie: The ultimate cyclosportive challenges, both in magnitude, distance, time and physical + mental load. The Grand Tours, Classics, Paris-Brest-Paris are examples of Hors Catégorie rides. Only for well-trained cyclists.
A step down in comparison to the HC, but don’t be mistaken. These are trips in which you cannot participate without decent training. The Marmotte is a good example.
2. Challenging rides and trips, but with time left to enjoy the scenery as well. A stable basic stamina is sufficient for such a ride. Example: the IJsselmeer challenge.
Rides in which the sportive challenge meets relaxation; for the untrained cyclist a absolute challenge, but a normal cyclosportive for the more trained cyclist. The Mergelland Meetup! is a good example of such a ride.
Social rides. Pleasure and recreation are key and daily distances remain under 100 km.


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