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Founded in 2016, Coureurs du Courage organises challenging trips for cyclists. Our mission is to support cyclists in realising their dreams and goals, whether this is getting in better shape or cycling a complete Grand Tour. We offer a wide range of trips, which are graded by our own category system. All trips are guided by professional and experienced staff, with a true passion for cycling. Our motto: You concentrate on cycling, we take care of the rest!

Is this for me?

You don’t have to be a (ex-)professional cyclist or pack years of experience on the bike to join our trips: passion for cycling, good health and perseverance are far more important. Our trips in the past have proven this, with people from all ages, genders and different levels of stamina joining in. Bringing people together to share their passion for cycling and 'de koers' is one of our core values!

Safety first!

Cycling responsibly and safely is of paramount importance to us. To guarantee this we work together with renowned coaches, always designate a road captain during our social rides, help you out with technical & nutrition support and set out a list of house rules. These can be found over here and we ask you to respect and follow these rules when riding with us.


The history of the Coureurs du Courage dates back to the 4th of May 2016. On this day we had our first meeting after having just been told a couple of days earlier that our dream and goal (of cycling the Tour de France one day ahead of the pro’s) might not take place this year. “To hell with it!” we said that memorable day and decided to organise it ourselves. A courageous and heroic feat, by a couple of 'cycling tourists' – as we were mockingly called by a former Tour de France-rider. But how do you go from being just a participant to an organizer in barely two months? And will we have enough time available besides our day-time jobs to pull this off?

All this mockery, bad fortune and doubt didn’t hold us back and it was therefore only logical to name ourselves 'Coureurs du Courage': only bravery, heroism is what it took for us to complete the most daring challenge of our lifetime. The name kind of grew on us during the Tour and will always be a reminder of what it takes to cycle something so extreme as a Tour de France: COURAGE!

Daan Loeffen

The lead man behind Coureurs du Courage is Daan Loeffen. His passion for the course comes from watching the Tour de France at the camping poolside bar as a little boy. This passion has turned into a cycling fever in which experiencing the fun and challenge of cycling yourself come first. This has resulted in many challenging bike trips all around the world. As a participant, guide and off course organizer. He has ‘infected’ several people with his cycling virus and believes many will follow.


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