Jour Avant, One day ahead, Day before the Pros. Riding the Tour the France yourself has many names, but one principal always applies: This is the ride you must have experienced! And not even for the so called bragging rights, because this is a truly unforgettable and unparalleled adventure.

Flash back in time to the 23th of July 2016, around 1 o’clock in the afternoon. A massive ladies-peloton of 100 women, of which 7 have truly cycled the whole Tour, makes it entrance on the Champs-Elysees for its ceremonial lap of honour. We are glad to ride along, after nearly completing our own Tour de France. 6 lanes wide and with loud honking and cheering we are welcomed to the cobble-stoned main street of Paris. Friends and family are waiting for us and we feel on top of the world. What a mighty feeling to be able to finish like this after such an adventure!

How different was it when we started our trip 22 days earlier from the legendary Mont-Saint-Michel. Almost anonymous and only noticed by an alert Christian Prudhomme we set course for an adventure that would take us 3519 km – and just as many stories and impressions – further to Paris. We pulled it off, riding the whole Tour de France ourselves. In the same timeframe as the pro’s, but one day ahead of them. Friends forever and always connected to each other through this mighty and beautiful trip.

With this story we want to show you that cycling a Tour de France will alter you, besides a dream coming true. It is not just a sportive, physical and mental achievement or victory over yourself, but more over an amazing adventure which will have you talking about it the rest of your life.

We will cycle the whole Tour de France, one day ahead of the professionals. This is one of the toughest tests of endurance we offer in our program and therefore requires a long and decent preparation. Of course we will guide and support you with that, but it is up to you to do the hard labour and endless hours of training. Both physically and mentally you will push yourself to your limits and this is why we value an intensive preparation so much. Sign up as soon as possible (also because of limited spots) – we advise you a minimum of 6 months in advance to start training, but 9 months is preferred. This means you will have to start training before Christmas!

Practical information

Our goal is to get everyone to cycle the full distance to Paris. This means that this is no race and we will be cycling in groups of equal level as much as possible. Especially in the 'flat' stages. You don’t have to be a (ex-)professional cyclist or pack years of experience on the bike to join in. Our tours in the past have proven this, with people from all ages, genders and different levels of stamina joining in. Important is that you are a trained cyclist, have good perseverance, but above all, enjoy cycling (long distances)!

We will stay in good quality, though not luxurious, hotels. Some are also used by the professionals the day afterwards. We always try to find quiet areas, so maximal time can be spend on rest and recovery. Nutrition is optimised for the enormous caloric requirement that cycling a Grand Tour entails. Every day we will supply a finish meal, 3-course dinner or buffet, supplemented if necessary. This is also true for breakfast, lunch and en-route supplies. A shortage of food is unthinkable.

Just like the Pro’s , we will (unfortunately) always have transfers. This means some additional time will be spent in the car or bus. We do, however, try to minimalize the amount of transfers by selecting hotels in either the departure or finish town.

The details of the route are not yet announced, except that the first 3 stages most likely will take place in Brittany. The final details of the route will be announced in October / November, but we will be present in the Tour de France next year nonetheless!

Looking for more information or are you interested in participating?
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We already held a number of informational meetings about this trip. These will be held again for the Grand Tours of 2022 in the autumn of 2021. Are you interested in riding a Grand Tour? Let us know and we will get back with you as soon as possible.

Transportation of your bicycle and baggage the whole trip
23 nights in hotels
All-inclusive (so all meals and nutrition are included)
Support during the trip by a mechanic

Laundry service
Logistic support en route (van or car)
Masseuse will be travelling with us
Professional guides for support

Basic maintenance of your bike
You share a room, single room possible for an extra € 40,- per night.
Massages not included, these can be booked with the masseuse at competitive rates
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     You can ride Le Tour for € 5.000,-     
Minimum 8 and maximum 25 participants
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